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Manufacturer: THE NUE CO

Topical C

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Topical - C is a powdered vitamin c supplement for your face. Proven to boost collagen, fight sun damage, and firm skin, it dissolves + activates when mixed with your existing moisturizer or face serum. Applied daily, skin appears brighter with less visible fine lines + wrinkles. It's really simple to use too: Just dissolve 2-3 shakes in the palm of your hand with water or your favorite serum and apply it to your face, neckā€”and décolletage if you feel like it. With daily use, you can expect brighter skin + a visible reduction in fine lines, scarring, and pigmentation.
Tapioca starch, oatmeal + aloe vera work together to brighten and smooth the texture of skin, while vitamin c works on a cellular level to stimulate collagen production. L-ascorbic acid fights UV damage and protects skin from environmental aggressors like pollution + smoking. This function is twice as effective when you add ferulic acid to the mix like we do.

Add 2-3 shakes of powder to your moisturizer, serum or water, mix in the palm of your hand, and apply to clean, dry skin. Can be used morning or evening.

15 g