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Emily Two Piece-Lollipop

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IQD 196263
IQD 218070
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Two piece bikini EMILY in pink color obtains sizes from S to L. The top is sports bra shaped and features two mid-wide straps. The bottom is classic, low-waisted. Simplistic and sporty, yet feminine in style, this swimsuit is a must-have for the summer. We recommend hand-washing this swimsuit immediately after taking it off with warm water and soap. Do not wring or tumble-dry it; you can gently press it with a towel on each side, then let air dry.
Design: bikini Color: pink Composition: 83% polyamide 17% elastane Style: beach Details: straps, elastic fabric
Size: one size

The "Emily Two Piece Bikini" fits through sizes from S to L. The top is shaped like a sports bra and feautures two mid-wide straps. The bottom is classic and low-waisted. The material is soft and comfortable for your unforgettable summer. Handwash the item with soap and warm water. Do not tumble dry, only air dry.