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Crystal + 3 IN 1

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BHD 20
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Set of 3 Pink Marble Skin Care Tools that clean and massage the skin The set includes: 1-Facial Roller - Crystal Pink Marble Roller for the face with two heads of rollers in pink marble works to massage the skin and stimulate blood circulation in addition to transferring positive energy to the body the benefits - Massage the face and stimulate blood circulation -Activates facial muscles and increases skin elasticity - Reduces fine lines and wrinkles -Calms tired skin and reduces puffiness -Stimulates skin cells to absorb nutrients with serums and creams -Promotes concentration of positive energy in the skin and reduces stress 2- Gua Sha Tool - Crystal Pink Marble Pink Marble is a tool used in Asian medicine to relax and reduce tension in the body and face, and to collect positive energy in certain areas, in addition to stimulating blood circulation. 3-Derma Roller - Mineral Crystal Derma roller metal works to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to make it more elastic and fresh, and also works to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne effects Advantages: - Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars - Increases skin elasticity and stimulates collagen and elastin production - Increases skin absorption of nutrients in skin care products
1-Facial Roller - Crystal Pink Marble Forehead: From Center Of Forehead Roll Slowly Toward Hairline Eyes: Work Eyelids, Roll Under Eye Area. Nose: Roll From Center Of Face To End Of Nostrils. Cheeks: Using The Larger Roller, Work From Cheeks Out To Ears. Jawline: Work From Center Of Chin Outward On The Checks. Neck : Make Sweeping Rolls Under Jawline Towards Collarbone 2-Gua Sha Tool - Crystal Pink Marble Around Eye: From Inside To Outside Eye Tample: From Down To Up Back: From Up To Down Leg: From Down To Up 3-Derma Roller - Mineral Crystal -Clean The Roller Head, Soak In 70% Alcohol At Least 10 Minutes. -Clean The Face, Body Or The Area You Wish To Treat -Roll The Derma Roller, 4-5 Times In Each Direction -Apply Moisturizer Or Nutritional Lotion / Cream To Avoid Skin Inflammation -Clean The Derma Roller Again For The Next Use