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Cool After Sun Oil-Mint Aroma

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BHD 17
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مواصفات المنتج
Gently hydrated, regenerated, smooth and supple skin. COOL After Sun Oil soothes the skin after sun exposure or after a visit to the solarium, deeply moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates. Applied daily, makes it silky, tight and supple. Contains refreshing oil of mint, calendula - for intensive skin regeneration, argan and cucumber for hydration and other incredibly valuable nourishing oils.

It is all-natural and specially formulated, containing only the highest quality raw, cold-pressed organic oils. It has a gentle aromatherapy effect thanks to peppermint oil.


Soothes the skin after sun exposure or a visit to the solarium, repairs, deepens and nourishes it. Using it daily makes the skin softer, more supple and vital. It is pure, natural and full of organic ingredients.Offers a special blend of nine pure organic oils, enriched with natural vitamin E. Suitable for people with soft or sensitive skin. It is a natural supplier of vitamins, minerals, bioactive substances and antioxidants.With the taste of delicious mint.